David Ratkovich, LPD CCDI



Mr. Ratkovich is a Licensed Private Detective, Security Contractor, and active Law Enforcement Officer with over 20 years of business experience. As the founder and Director of ETS Intelligence, he oversees the broad scope of intelligence, investigative (traditional and digital), and security operations throughout the United States.

Edward Johnson, RPD


Deputy Director

 Mr. Johnson is a US Army veteran and comes to ETS after retiring as a police officer with over 25 years of service from a large metropolitan department. His background in Threat, Risk, & Vulnerability Assessments of schools, businesses, healthcare facilities and government buildings provide the clients we serve with great insight and perspective. 

Lonn Howarter, RPD


Deputy Director

Mr. Howarter is a 32-year veteran of law enforcement with experience including police officer, security, corrections, consulting, detective, and instructor.

As the ETS resident expert on gangs, he works with the Midwest Gang Investigators Association and many law enforcement agencies in a training capacity.

Richard Montgomery, RPD


Special Agent

Mr. Montgomery is an honorably discharged U.S. Marine and has proudly served as an investigator with ETS since 2015 focusing on operations. His knowledge diversity and capacity to read and find solutions to "work the problem" at hand are second to none.

Frank Martinez, RPD


Special Agent

Mr. Martinez has proudly served as an investigator with ETS since 2015 and focuses heavily on business development. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with governmental affairs, politics, and commercial real estate.

Thomas Harrison, PPS PSD


Special Agent

Mr. Harrison has proudly served ETS since 2010 in investigative, security, training, and administrative capacities. He oversees executive protection and special operations for ETS throughout the world.

Mohd "Moe" Abualsayyed, RPD


Special Agent

Mr. Abualsayyed has proudly served as an investigator with ETS since 2017 and focuses on business development and investigations. His strong background in business management and attention to detail has made him a top-notch investigator and asset to our clients.

Robert Zbilski, RPD


Special Agent

Mr. Zbilski has proudly served with ETS since 2010 as a protective agent and trainer. As a lifelong martial artist, he was inducted in to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and is the President of WAKO Team  USA Kickboxing.

Alex Kogan, RPD


Special Agent

Mr. Kogan has proudly served with ETS since 2017 as a protective agent and computer database expert. As an IT professional, he supports the agencies ever growing list of technology based services.