Criminal Defense Investigations


Innocence or Damage Control?

Since the alibi is the only defense based on true innocence, it is the most sought after by defense teams and the clearest way to disprove guilt of a defendant. In such cases we can often establish The Digital Alibi ™ by recovering the location-based data from a defendants phone such as their GPS coordinates, wi-fi connections, social media activity and check-ins, etc. In conjunction with other validations from technologies like surveillance footage, wi-fi sign-ins, and call-data-record (”CDR”) analysis of phone records subpoenaed from phone carriers we can paint a clear picture to judge and jury of the narrative presented by the defense. In procedural defenses, we seek to find the inaccuracies in reports, a weak or broken chain of custody of evidence, mistakes, and due process and civil rights violations that are prevalent by the police and prosecutors.

Task us additionally to interview witnesses, conduct background checks, evaluate digital and physical evidence, and testify. We are here to support you and your clients case in whatever role you need us. 

Expert Witness Review & Testimony

From initial evidence review to trial, we use work with you to continually make the case.

We are experienced and comfortable in depositions and live court appearances

having worked hundreds of cases in state and federal court. We have worked cases where the defendant is charged with murder, attempted murder, stalking, cyber-stalking, cyber-hacking, drug trafficking and distribution, violating the Rackateer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), officer involved shootings (OIS), and police disciplinary review board actions. Courts have qualified us in many subject areas including cell phone and computer forensics, video enhancement, digital file recovery, best practices of digital evidence handling, handwriting analysis, questioned document examination, physical evidence collection and best practices, police practices, and bullet trajectory analysis.