Law Enforcement Owned & Operated

ETS has one the most advanced and innovative Executive Protection Programs in the United States. We have spent our lives and careers developing our skills to protect and serve our clients nationwide. Our agents are all very well trained and primarily come from law enforcement and military backgrounds where they trained and worked in various special operations groups.

​ETS operations integrate the full support of our cyber-forensics and intelligence teams to provide over-watch and field support to the advance and close-protection personnel working with you on the ground.

360° Spherical Protection

Cyber Team provides real-time threat analysis and digital security of all electronic technology being used by you, your entourage, and by our teams. We can check your smartphone and computer for spyware/malware and unauthorized access in real time, even while you are in transit if necessary to give you peace of mind your communications and intellectual property are not being compromised. We can also monitor social media for Early Signal Intelligence that can help detect threats before they are imminent.

Intelligence Team works in conjunction with our Advance Team providing the ability to thoroughly vet personnel at planned locations and in advance of events. Intelligence support is an ongoing process throughout the event and as needed during our entire time with the client. We are constantly assessing risks during our communications with close-protection personnel, venue security staff, and local law enforcement.