Mobile Devices


Recovery of hidden and deleted data through logical and physical data extractions from smartphones and tablets including Phone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows based devices can be done during depositions, in court, or at ETS' labs. Items that can commonly be recovered include passwords, emails, SMS text messages, chats, images, contacts, call history, website history, calendars, media files, geo-tags and location information, and documents. Information in cloud accounts can be extracted, as well, and imported into a separate forensic image and analyzed for comparison to data found on one or more devices.

Computers, Drives, and Networks


On-site and in-lab imaging provides a bit-level copy of all data from hard drives, memory chips, USB devices, SD cards, GPS devices, CD's, and DVD's. The data acquisition and imaging processes of a forensic evidence evaluation are critical to the success of the case. Proper handling of digital evidence requires skilled hands and predetermined procedures to avoid damage to critical evidence and corruption of data. This includes documenting every step in the process and meticulously maintaining the chain of custody.