handwriting analysis


Forensic Document Examination

ETS provides forensic handwriting and questioned document services throughout the United States and abroad. Forensic handwriting analysis is used to determine "Who wrote it?" or in some cases to eliminate suspects by answering the question "Who did not write it?" Questioned document cases often involve suspected fraud or forgery and signature verifications.

Sometimes a questioned document case may be graffiti on a wall or a threatening note left in a mailbox or on top of a desk. Most forensic cases usually involve a signature, note, letter, contract or some other form of questioned document.


Handwriting Analysis

The agency’s expert is Warren Spencer, a certified handwriting expert and questioned document examiner. Mr. Spencer is certified through the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of Austin, Texas and the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners. He has often served as a forensic document examiner in the courtroom and has provided handwriting expert services for many companies and individuals. He began his handwriting analysis training in Iowa in 1985. His work as a forensic handwriting expert has provided a wide variety of handwriting analysis casework. Warren offices in Illinois but he often works with clients in surrounding states, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana as well as other states across the country.

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